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Sarah Renn - CEO Midwest Medical Billing, LLC

Sarah Renn

CEO Midwest Medical Billing, LLC

Sarah has worked in the health care industry for more than 18 years. She started by gaining her X-Ray Tech degree. While working in both hospital and clinical setting, she soon realized she wanted to help others inside the healthcare industry, so as a life-long learner and as she worked, she went back to school.

Sarah obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Health Management with a minor in Technology Management and began her next career as a Pinnacle Care Coordinator at what is now known as Via Christi hospital. She then worked as an Extern Coordinator and helped teach coding classes at an institute in nearby Joplin, Mo.

Sarah then worked her way to receiving a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration from The Seton Hall University. She soon helped start an OB-GYN clinic named The Juno Group and has worked as office manager there for 6 years.

While working with The Juno Group she saw her top-notch providers struggle with what should be the simple task of being reimbursed quickly and at the highest rate because of a troublesome relationship with the billing company that they were outsourcing to. With Sarah at the helm, the group pulled the billing back in house and Sarah found her passion of helping providers by relieving the time and stress of the ever changing rules and regulations of the industry.

It wasn’t long after the billing was brought back in house that Sarah saw good providers who tired of their profession, not for lack of passion for helping others, but because of the stress of not being able to focus 100% on their patients and uncertainty of how their practices would continue without receiving money on a regular basis. That’s when she decided that she could best help by founding Midwest Medical Billing, LLC.

Sarah currently lives just outside of her small hometown of Weir, Kansas across the street from her family farm with her wonderful husband and four glorious children.