The answer to your question really depends upon your situation. There are some basic questions that need to be answered:

1. Are you a new provider?
As a new provider, you more than likely have your plate full with new surroundings, new patients, new staff and new policies and procedures. If a new physician were to throw on top of that the duties of choosing, training and overseeing the billing process, that will inevitably take time away from the reason one got into the field in the first place, the patients.

2. Does your practice experience a high turnover rate?
Turnover in any part of the practice is a negative inevitability, but it can be extremely detrimental to your billing department. Changes in this department can lead to extreme lack of efficiency, which, in turn, can greatly damage the solid financial stability of any practice. After all, no billing going out means no finances coming in.

3. Do you feel that your current billing practice is effective and efficient?
Proper billing obviously does not end with entering the charges, the real work begins after this with the tedious process of working and calling on unpaid (or underpaid) claims from both insurance companies as well as patients. If your collections decrease steadily while the time that it takes to work old claims increases, one may have issues that may need to be addressed.

4. Do you have the time or resources to invest in billing technology?
Practice management software is an expensive investment, both in monetarily and in terms of times. Good software is updated and must be upgraded often. There also will be the inevitable technical glitches that must be dealt with. *If a physician answers yes to any of these questions, it may be time to look at the option of outsourcing your billing. **If you have any questions about whether or not you should outsource, please contact us for a consultation.**

Insurance claims are submitted on a daily basis. We will run all claims through a scrubbing system that will make sure all information is correctly entered. If there is a denied or rejected claim, Midwest Medical Billing, LLC, will aggressively follow up until payment or a viable non-payment response has been received.
Upon receiving insurance receipts, if a patient still has an outstanding balance, Midwest Medical Billing, LLC, will take on the responsibility of printing and mailing statements directly to the patients. We will follow up through mailing statements and phone calls until which time as the balance is paid in full or we are instructed to seek other collection options. We will help with the transfer to a collection agency, as well as the tracking of this claim.
When a patient receives a statement, they will be instructed to use a toll free phone number to contact Midwest Medical Billing, LLC for any inquiries that they may have. We will be there during our business hours to make sure they get an accurate, complete answer to all of their questions.
One of the most vital parts of the billing process actually begins with check-in. We will help make sure that all your registration sheets are up-to-date so that your team is able to collect correct patient and insurance information. Midwest Medical Billing, LLC will also provide either daily courier service or access to an on-line HIPAA compliant document storage system for easy transmission of daily charge slips (superbills) and all insurance correspondence, such as EOB’s, financial statement requests and insurance refund requests.
The main focal point to billing is to make sure that revenue is generated in an accurate and timely manner by billing correctly and collecting revenue. The time a claim spends in Accounts Receivable (AR) should be 45-60 days at the maximum. If a majority of claims are in AR for a longer period of time than this, aggressive and appropriate claim follow-up is not being performed. This causes a decrease in generated revenue and potentially a great loss of income. A secondary reason to question your current biller is lack of accurate statements sent to patients. Often times a subpar billing organization will send out incorrect or multiples of the same statement. This leads to confusion on the part of the patients. **Overall, one must remember that patients see the billing group that a physician choses as a direct reflection and extension of the practice itself.**
In some cases, switching billing companies can indeed be quite cumbersome. If the choice is made to switch to Midwest Medical Billing, LLC, we will work closely with all office staff to ensure that the switch will be made with as much ease as possible to ensure a stress free change with no interruption of claim submission or revenue generated.
Midwest Medical Billing, LLC strives to maintain an AR rate of below 45 days, accurate claims submission within 24 hours and patient collection rate of 95%. MMB also only employs certified billers and coders. We strive to be completely transparent to our clients so we will offer: – Available software to see claims progress – Billing cycle reports sent to you every 30 days – Certified billers or coders to work on your reimbursements The name and number of your personal biller will be available to you during regular business hours
Midwest Medical Billing, LLC only uses 100% HIPAA compliant software and document storage systems.
Midwest Medical Billing, LLC bills for all types of providers including: Independent Practices Hospital-Based Providers Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)
FREE. That’s right…FREE! We provide a full featured, world class, cloud-based EHR solution at no cost to you. That is a savings in many cases of $10,000+ a year to your practice!
Because it is cloud-based, all you will need is a PC or Mac computer, a current web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox) and high-speed Internet connection. THAT’S IT!
Claim scrubbing through a clearinghouse verifies that all codes, insurance and NCCI (National Correct Codes Initiative) are correct before submitting to the insurance company for payment. This not only greatly reduces the number of denied claims, but also greatly increases the speed in which you get paid!
Because our system works in real time, in most cases, we will have your claims scrubbed and submitted within 24 hours of when you render services. Allowing you to earn all the money you have worked for more quickly.
It means that we are up-to-date in the newest regulations and restrictions in ever changing health care industry. We are on the cutting edge of the newest developments, which in turn may bring in more money for you.
By scrubbing the claims through a clearinghouse, the vast majority of claims will be paid in full by the payers. If, however, in the rare case it is denied, we will be notified of that and in turn immediately file a new claim or send an appeal letter to the payer the same day.
The short answer is: Yes, we can help you. If you are still doing paper claims and would like to go digital, we can help you there as well.
Our nationwide billing system is real time. It leaves an audit trail of all actions taken within an invoice/chart. You can easily see when an invoice was created, when it was sent to the clearinghouse, when it was accepted or denied by the payer and when it was resubmitted to clearinghouse if needed. ALL IN REAL TIME.
Yes. We provide you with world-class billing software, FREE. Which also means no update or licensure fees. We also provide you with FREE claims scrubbing clearinghouse. Both of these features can save you tens of thousands of dollars a year. Combine that with our certified staff who are current with the trends of the health care industry and will provide professional results, we can comfortably state that yes, we can bring you in more money.
The practice management portion of our system is in real time. Graphs and reports can be customized to your specific practice that will show payment by CPT or insurance companies as well as average days in AR.
Individual practice policies may have different rates as contracted from different insurance companies. If we are given the contract numbers we can verify that you are receiving every penny of the contracted rate from the insurance company.
Every quarter Medicare updates their fees. Because this may be a hassle, most billing companies or practices that bill in house only update their billing fees at the first of every year. This means that a little extra we provide can earn your practice more money every time Medicare updates. We will keep it updated every quarter when Medicare releases the fees.
Midwest Medical Billing, LLC. is 100% Performance Driven. That means that we only make our money by working with you to make sure that you receive 100% of the money that is owed for services rendered. We work aggressively and quickly to make sure you see payments from the payers. After you receive income from the claims, you pay us only the agreed percentage for our work.
We think that it is vitally important that you have control over all of your billing needs, so we will assign you an account executive that knows the specific details about your practice so that you can be assured you are speaking with the right person the first time.
We here at Midwest Medical Billing, LLC. believe that no one can know the intricacies and stay up –to-date with the changing times of the health care industry of this great country and still choose to outsource billing for the American people. We have, and WILL ALWAYS keep a low cost and remain a company that is totally located IN YOUR AREA.
Yes. We can work with any billing software that we can remote in on.